Your Proactive
Security Solution

The Saepio Solution

Identify, prioritize and remediate security issues before the hackers even notice

Asset Discovery

Are you aware of all your public facing resources?

Saepio runs routine checks that scour the internet for public information regarding your organization — find out about resources and vulnerabilities you had no idea existed.


Have you ever wondered what your organization looks like to a hacker?

Saepio's 3D hacker visualizations gives you the whole picture of your security posture. You will see just how interconnected and exposed your organization may be.

Security Reporting

Need an actionable security assessment?

We've got you covered with in-depth vulnerability and misconfiguration reporting. Our solutions scale to fit your needs from a single Snapshot assessment to a monthly subscription.

Risk Reduction

Feeling nervous about meeting security compliance standards?

Our extensive network of 3rd party Saepio practitioners can help you prioritize and remediate security issues along your security journey.


Harness the power of your security investments

Our integrations help you make the most out of your current security investments. By pulling more data into our analysis processes, we gain better insight into gaps in your security posture and how you can improve with the tools you already have


We just spent $60,000 on a penetration test and you showed me more in 15 minutes.


GIS Industry

In 10 minutes, Saepio showed me what I have been trying to collect for the last six months.


Forrestry Industry

Thanks to Saepio, we resolved over 400 security issues in less than 20 days!

Infrastructure Manager

Wholesale Industry